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Project Purpose

  • Unsanitary food reports have previously been received at the dispersed, local government organizations. By integrating the Unsanitary food reporting process, we increase the public satisfaction level.
  • Strengthening follow-up management of the reported information for stronger food safety support

Project Contents

Operating the Unsafe Food Reporting Center

※ Operation hours: Weekdays(Mon~Fri) 09:00~18:00

  • To provide integrated and immediate supportive responses to unsafe food reporting, the system is managed daily/weekly/monthly and for emergency reports
  • Consulting information DB management and the official transmission of the reported information
  • Continual improvements to the work manual for the standardization of consulting services and enhanced work efficiency
  • Strengthening consulting capabilities through consultant education and training, etc.

Performing unsafe food reporting information classification and statistical analysis

  • Performing information classification and statistics analysis
  • Classification of the reported information by type and statistics analysis to provide information on frequent reported unsafe food

Promotion to raise awareness of 1399 and encourage reporting

  • Banner links for local governments, local education offices, public institutions, etc. were used to promote awareness of 1399


  • 2016 : Established legal framework for consumer reporting and counseling duties (Food Hygiene Act Article 68)
    Expanded the notification of reported information such as online and app use
  • 2013 : Opened the Unsanitary Food Reporting Center

Related Information

  • Payment amount of the reward for each report of unsafe and harmful food
  • Learn about Unsafe Food’ webtune
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  • Last Modified Date : 2017-02-21