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Project Purpose

  • Precautionary safety management by means of rapid collection of domestic and foreign food safety information 365 days a year
  • Provision of the latest information for food safety crisis response

Project Contents

Collecting updated information

  • The latest food safety information is compiled rapidly from domestic and foreign websites in 7 language zones, to provide timely information to the government, businesses, and consumers
  • * 7 language zones: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Korean
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Operating a DB of food safety information

  • The updated information is classified and input into the database · management (Standards: items required for search and analysis)
  • Provision of the accumulated information (governments, businesses and consumers) and utilization in statistical analysis
    * ‘The food safety information DB’ is accessible only to business members


  • 2012 : Connected to risk information DB of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • 2010 : Developed the food safety information DB (FOODINFO DB) system
  • 2009 : Launched food safety information collection project
  • Last Modified Date : 2017-02-21