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Project Purpose

  • As a leading think tank in the field of food safety, we conduct policy research to help establish stable policies and enhance the national food safety management system.
  • We conduct comprehensive research on current food safety policies to suggest directions for improving food safety policies and establish response measures. We are proud to contribute to the goal of implementing efficient national policies.
  • We contribute to ensure consistent food safety system by rationalizing the legislation process

Project Contents

Policy research to support food safety management

  • Identifying general problems of food safety that need to be addressed in Korea
  • Comparatively analyzing responses undertaken by other countries to obtain theoretical and empirical evidence

Advanced research on safety management system for imported food

  • Compiling preliminarily data to understand international trends in the safety management of imported food
  • Establishing the methods of efficiently implementing the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control to realize the purpose of the law
  • Developing an advanced safety management system to ensure the safety of imported food

Comparative studies of the standards and specifications on food, etc. enforced in Korea and foreign countries

  • We conduct comparative research on standards and specifications adopted in Korea and foreign countries, to help exporter succeed in international markets and strengthen food safety management practices in Korea.
  • We will focus on strengthening our national food safety policies with reference to specifications in the future


  • 2015. 07 : Held a panel discussion on food-related law improvement
  • 2015. 01 : Establish the Policy Research Division
  • 2014. 07 : Formed a policy research TF
  • Last Modified Date : 2017-02-21