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Project Purpose

  • Managing records to enable business operators engaged in food manufacture, importation and sales to track the product’s history
  • Enabling timely responses such as food recall and disposal in the event of food accidents
  • Providing business support activities including promotion, education, and on-site technological support for traceability system to implement the food traceability management system

Project Contents

Nationwide informational briefings regarding food traceability

  • Organizing nationwide presentation events in the first and second half of the year (the schedule of the presentation events will be released separately)
  • System operating method depending on business type (manufacture, importation, sales) / by food type (food, health functional food, milk formula, etc.) and guidance on policy directions

On-site technological support for business entities

  • Providing systematic program support prior to implementing the system including preparation, registration application and on-site review, operation, follow-up management (inspection and assessment) for food business which intends to implement food traceability (year-round)

Running a food traceability expert education program

  • Offering on-line and off-line user education in food traceability management system for the use of business
  • Opening additional education sessions when requested by the user (businesses and related institutions)

Quick-response support service.

  • Receiving Phone calls over the food traceability management system issues and on-line remote support services

※ Operation hours: Weekdays(Mon~Fri) 09:00~18:00

Promoting the food traceability management system

  • Promoting the food traceability management system with promotion booths at various exhibitions and expositions

Operating the food traceability management system (

  • Providing food traceability information viewing services
  • Providing mobile web( services to enable consumers to easily confirm food record information
  • Enabling businesses to input and manage their food traceability information by building and providing the food traceability management system for business entities


  • 2016 : Mandatory implementation for processed livestock products (milk formula)(Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, Amended)
  • 2015 : Launching quick-response support service (call center)
  • 2014 : Creating a mobile web page for mandatory implementation (for manufacturers and importers health functional food, infant and toddler food and other food sellers)
  • 2012 : Opening of the food traceability management e-learning site (TFOOD SCHOOL)
  • 2011 : Developing and distributing a customized program for food traceability management
  • 2010 : Integrating notification of food and health functional food traceability management standards
  • 2009 : Building the food traceability management system(
  • 2008 : Implementing the food traceability management system (Food Sanitation Act, Amended)
  • Last Modified Date : 2017-02-21